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Privacy and Cookie Policy
This privacy statement is drawn up on the basis of multiple legislative systems, including articles 13 and 14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

The owner and person responsible for the treatment
Club Viaggi 3,14
Piazza Marsala 1-49

Location of the treatment
The treatment relating to the web services provided by this website is located at our offices and is done by technical staff charged with the treatment, or persons charged with occasional maintenance. No information deriving from the web services is communicated or divulged to any third party.
Type of data treated
Browsing data
The computer systems and software which operate this website acquire, in the course of their normal operation and for the duration of the connection alone, certain personal data the transmission of which is implicit in the use of internet communication protocols.
Data provided voluntarily by the user
The optional, explicit and voluntary transmission of email to the addresses indicated on this website involves the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s address, as required for responding to his requests, as well as other personal data included in the emails in question.
Personal data may only be used for sending publicity material and commercial information and selling products and services when the user gives his express consent to do so by checking the provided box.
Statement on cookies
Cookies are text files which are saved to the user’s computer in the course of browsing, to improve his experience in using the website by enabling certain functions. No personal data of the user is acquired in this way by the website. Cookies are not used to transmit information of a personal nature, nor are persistent cookies or user tracking systems of any type used.
This website uses the technical and third party cookies described below:
Session cookies
The use of session cookies (which are not saved in a persistent manner to the user’s computer and are deleted when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifying data (composed of random numbers generated by the server) to enable secure and efficient use of the website.
The use of session cookies on this website obviates recourse to other technologies which may compromise the security of the user’s browsing activities, and does not enable acquisition of the user’s personal identifying data.
Disabling the session cookies disables part of the website’s on-line services.
Third party analytical cookies
This website implements Google Analytics and uses third party cookies belonging to Google Inc. to collect the user’s browsing data. The information obtained in this way is used by Google Inc., as the autonomous owner of the treatment, to track and examine the use of the website and generate statistical reports.
Disabling these cookies has no effect on the browsing of the website.
Further information on data treatment by Google Inc. is available at this address.

How to disable cookies
You can refuse your consent to the use of cookies in your browser’s settings (if necessary, use the software’s help to find the option)
To disable Google Analytics cookies alone, you can install the plug-in provided by Google Inc. for the major browsers, available for download without charge at
Note: unless otherwise configured in your browser, continuing to browse the website constitutes implicit consent to the use of these cookies.

The website uses the following cookies
Name of cookie / Type / Name of service / Description / Duration
_ga – statistical – Google Analytics – statistics –  2 years
_gat – statistical – Google Analytics – statistics – 10 minutes
wfvt_197372995 – technical – technical cookie – security –  1 day
wordfence_verifiedHuman –  technical – technical cookie – security – 1 day
display – CookieConsent – technical – technical cookie – cookie consent – 1 year

Means of treatment of the data
The personal data is recorded digitally and treated with software for the time strictly required to fulfil the purpose for which it has been collected. Registration data and other information related, directly or indirectly, with a given user is collected and treated pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 and is accessible only to staff who have been specifically authenticated and authorised to do so.
It is only divulged to third parties when required for the purposes of assistance and maintenance, unless specifically required by the law. Under no circumstances is it ever made public.
The personal data provided by users who request informational materials is used solely to provide the requested service, and is only divulged to third parties when strictly necessary for the purpose.

The user may request further information in this regard from:
Club Viaggi 3,14
Piazza Marsala 1-4

Request for modification or deletion of personal data: